Matthew 6:25-34, Do Not Worry

Matthew 6:25-34, Do Not Worry

Jesus’ teachings are never as clear-cut as we want them to be.  Obviously, there are people who actually starve to death.  Jesus spoke earlier about being persecuted. The important question, I think, is: is worrying about it going to fix it? No. Either do something about it, or let it go.  Worry is a waste of energy.

Jesus does imply that all of our needs will be met, and that has caused people to make poor choices over the millennia. I think that worry has caused a lot more people to make much more devastating decisions. We don’t think clearly when we worry, we become impulsive and we lose sight of other needs, other people and other options.

Be focused on one thing, not what you’re going to eat, or wear, or next summer’s vacation. Be focused on the Kingdom.

God will move His mission forward, we don’t need to worry about how, we just need to be moving with Him.

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