My name is Angela and I’ve been working in the area of Christian Education and discipleship for over 25 years, which has often included running programs to help engage people with the church. For many years that meant asking questions like: how can we make Sunday school more fun? How do we get youth more involved? How can we get adults to join small groups?

All of these were good questions and came from a good place. We wanted people to engage more with church, so that they would engage more with Jesus. But, did that always happen? Did more church engagement with church actually translate into following Jesus an being transformed by the Holy Spirit?

Several years ago, I was asked two simple questions: what is a disciple and how do we make disciples?

So simple, yet it rocked my world. I had never being trying to make disciples, I was only working to get people involved, which I hoped, with the right programs in place, would move people toward grace.

What is a disciple?

How do we make disciples?

In the post-Christian culture and as churches reemerge from the pandemic, we need to shift our focus away from programs that are designed to just bring them into the building and to worship. We need to really consider what it means to follow Jesus and live as a follower of Jesus out in this world.

Following Jesus is about stepping into the biblical story to breathe in and embrace Jesus’ mission and carry it forward.

I love the ideas that I see of the “relational church” and the “missional church” that many are seeking to explore and I think they have their places as parts of the body. But the body of Christ must be rooted deeper, in the biblical narrative that reveals the identity and character of Jesus.

Join me as we explore what it means to follow Jesus and be a disciple who is in mission with Him.

Our Scriptural emphasis will be on the Biblical narrative, as we explore what God is doing in the world by understanding His mission of reconciliation with the world.

I It is my intention to really explore some of the texts to gain understanding about what they mean for us today. It’s okay if you don’t agree with me, I don’t always agree with my self.