Matthew 25:1-13

Matthew 25:1-13

We jumped ahead today, to keep up with the Sunday teachings. This parable came after Jesus finished the woes, predicted the destruction of the temple and some other final judgment comments.

This parable may be referring specifically to Israel, or it may be addressing anyone who is unprepared for Jesus’s return. We can still learn from the idea that when the time comes, it’s too late to get ready.

Notice that all of the brides fell asleep, the matter of preparation refers to having extra oil for the lamps. Even the foolish brides had some oil and went out to welcome the bridegroom, but they didn’t have reserve.

What does that reserve represent?

In chapter twenty-four, Jesus said: this generation will certainly not pass away until all these things have happened.  He was referring of the destruction of the temple and Jerusalem. We have generally interpreted chapter twenty-five as a shift to “end times.” But, what if we look at it differently?

Those first Christians had it really, really hard. Several of the letters of the New Testament urged the readers/hearers to persevere despite the persecution and the fact that Jesus hadn’t returned but that generation was “passing away.”

Our faith has to be stronger than just the works that people can see, or we will not have enough to wait out the night. Too often, we build a faith just deep enough to keep out little light shining, but we need a full jar for the dark nights. When it gets dark, we won’t be able to rely on someone else’s faith to help us see Jesus.

When crisis hits, we will always default to our training. Through the discipline of spiritual practices, we can develop a reservoir of faith.

What are you training for? How are you helping others understand the importance of filling their jars?

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