I love the story about the men who cut a hole in a roof to lower their friend before Jesus so he can be healed. (Luke 5:17-26). It’s one of a handful of the stories of Jesus that I can remember sitting in my Sunday school class learning about.  I was always so amazed that they could just cut a hole in the roof! What did they use? How did they get up there? How did the entire roof not fall in?

Looking back, I don’t think those are the questions the story was meant to inspire, but it got me thinking and made me remember, so maybe that’s okay.

When I read the story again recently, I was struck by the second part, when the Pharisees and scribes got all worked up because Jesus had forgiven the man’s sins.  A person cannot just walk around forgiving sins!  But what if they can? What if we can?

Imagine today that you see someone struggling. They speak of a broken foot or a broken relationship or a broken refrigerator and you offer to pray for them. Then you tell them something strange: you are forgiven.  For what? They didn’t break the refrigerator, or their foot, and can you really forgive them for the broken relationship, only the other person can do that, right? Perhaps.

We live in a time of extreme anxiety. Nothing is ever good enough. We must always try harder, do more. We must constantly prove our value and our worth to everyone, even strangers.

Whatever is broken, there is blame to be had. I should have… I could have…  


Maybe not. 

Either way, you are forgiven.

You are forgiven. 

You are forgiven.

Pick up your mat and walk.

Read Luke 5:17-26 today.

Imagine living an entire day fully believing that you are forgiven. You are whole. You are enough. 

Imagine if your neighbor (spouse, child, friend, co-worker, parent) could experience that, too.

What good news that would be! To be told by God himself that you are whole and complete! You are enough!

Try it.

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