Matthew 6:19-24, Treasures in Heaven

Matthew 6:19-24, Treasures in Heaven

Perhaps Jesus is talking about two kinds of treasure here. First, the obvious one, is material wealth. A famous quote from John Wesley is: “Having, First, gained all you can, and, Secondly saved all you can, Then give all you can.”

We have a habit of focusing on the first one, sometimes the second, but not so much on the third; except of course when we look at others who might have more than we do.  Are you building earthly treasures with your income?  Do you give it away or hold onto it (or spend it) for yourself?

There is another kind of treasure, though that Jesus has been talking about. Our value in the eyes of others. Do we give so that we can have a building named for us and a special ceremony? Is your earthly reputation more important than your heavenly one? 

Not all recognition is bad, but we must be aware of what really motivates us.

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