Matthew 13:1-17 Jesus Speaks in Code

Matthew 13:1-17, Parable of the Sower

God sows the seed, but then intentionally makes it hard to understand? Jesus speaks in code on purpose.

Sometimes when I talk with the youth and I want to convey something on the PG-13 side of scripture to the older kids, but not be too explicit for younger ears, I’ll speak in code. I can usually tell that those over 16 are following along, those between 13-15 know that they’re missing something and the 12 and under crowd is hearing Charlie Brown’s teacher, “wawaa-wawaa-wawaa.” (spelling?)

If you can follow along with the story when I retell it in an edited but with innuendo way, then you’re probably ready to understand; if you can’t then today is just not the day. I’m sure that even with the core group of disciples there were a lot of things that Jesus said that left them bewildered, but once the events of Holy Week and after the Resurrection happened, their eyes and ears were opened.

When have you had some epiphanies, particularly with regard to teachings of Jesus that you thought you knew but then suddenly, “whoa!”

Funny story… when I was maybe seven, I overheard my mom telling someone about how when she was much younger she came home from work one day and found her boyfriend stoned in her closet. Well, the only stoning I had ever heard of was Stephen in the Bible, so I asked, “what did you do?” Very nonchalantly she replied, “I threw him out.” For years, it bothered me that my mom threw this bloodied and bruised man out without getting him help, then one random day in high school… “Ohhhhhh.” That’s not really a God story, but it was quite the epiphany and I hope it gave you a chuckle.

Sometimes speaking in code is important in the moment and people will get it in their own time.

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