Matthew 14:13-36

Matthew 14:13-36

In these two stories, Jesus did something that I had always missed before: He shared His faith with His disciples.

If you think about what it means to share something tangible, it means to lend it. Jesus believed that they had what they needed to feed the crowd, his disciples did not, but they trusted in his faith enough to give it a try.

Again, when walking on the water, Jesus knew he had dominion over the water, but they did not. Peter borrowed Jesus’s faith to walk out there. When he began to sink, it was a faith issue.

Think of the faith people have in a sports team. They #believe and it becomes contagious. Likewise think about how negativity can spread as people share it.

Now think about what it means to have faith in Jesus. Most of us were brought up with the personal faith teachings but consider the larger picture. I believe that God’s mission is to restore Creation and reconcile humanity, that the image of the Garden is what God had planned and still plans (only the visual changed to a city).

I believe that God is constantly working that mission of reconciliation of making earth as it is in heaven and the first step toward joining the movement is believing and then sharing that belief. The next steps are living into the Mean of Grace/Spiritual Disciplines. When we make disciples of Jesus, we bring other people into the mission by helping them to seek God’s Kingdom first. We seek God’s Kingdom first by practicing the disciplines and experiencing, sharing, God’s grace.

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