Matthew 18:1-9

Matthew 18:1-9

We begin the season of Lent with a call to change. How can you change to be like a little child? Think of how most children trust with blind faith, they are hopeful, they stop to smell the roses, they love without reservation. We fear they will get hurt or fall behind, so we discourage these traits until they are replaced with fear and ambition.

When you read the second part of the passage did your mind jump to pedophile priests and others in the same category?  Surely, those people will suffer, but Jesus was not talking to them; well, not only to them. He was talking to His disciples and it wasn’t a warning only against egregious sin, it was about the little things that cause us to lose sight of God and the little ways that we direct the innocent astray. The big things that we think of are more like being hurled off the side of a cliff, Jesus is talking about little things that cause us to stumble.

What stumbling blocks, obstacles, to faith have we created? Have you ever been a stumbling to someone else’s walk with Jesus?

Ask the Lord for forgiveness and ask Him to give you a child-like faith during this season of preparation.

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