Matthew 18:23-35 Forgiveness

Matthew 18:23-35

Imagine a place where all sin is forgiven. Not just yours and what’s between you and God, but that you would hold no ill will toward anyone. You would be free from all bitterness, hurt, pain, grudges, vendettas, etc.

We often downplay the call from Jesus for us to forgive others. We want to accept God’s forgiveness, but we forget that we are to forgive “those who trespass against us.”

In the Kingdom of Heaven, we give up our right to be angry, our right to be hurt, our right to vengeance. It’s not easy, it’s really, really hard, but God’s grace is sufficient. We like to read all of those verses in the Bible about God giving us strength and how nothing is impossible with God to be about so many things, but I think forgiveness is the main thing that they are about. Let go of the past, even yesterday, and forgive.

Jesus is standing on the lake, and He will hold your hand. Step out and forgive.

Who do you need to forgive?

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