Matthew 18:15-20

Matthew 18:15-20

The conversation continues… is Jesus talking specifically about causing others, particularly the young and innocent, to stumble when he refers to sin in the church?

When it comes to sin in the church, we often fall back on not judging others or we just gossip. Jesus suggested neither. When you are aware of sin in the church, it is your responsibility to call the person out. Why? Because it causes others to stumble and to wander away.

If, after being given the opportunity to repent a few times, the person refuses, then they should be excommunicated. This is why I think Jesus is talking more about false teachings and directly being a stumbling block to faith rather than personal sin – excommunication seems completely contrary to Jesus going after the lost and wandering. And what about the Parable of the Weeds? 

Jesus is confusing!

What about verses 18-20? Is Jesus saying that committees get together and condemn people to Hell and God will honor it?  I am pretty sure that’s not what He’s saying, but it could easily be misinterpreted as such.

This does seem to be a follow up the previous statement about binding and loosing; that authority now goes to a small committee, not just Peter.

When have you been aware that someone is causing others to get lost on their journey with Jesus? Did you say anything?

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